​ Zigzag Staircases: A New Trend Reinventing Spaces Across the UK  

Welcome to our latest blog post! Here at Ovoms, we're not just stair makers—we are pioneers, innovators, and design enthusiasts. We're constantly seeking ways to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal in our creations. Today, we are excited to introduce a style that's making waves across the UK - the Zigzag Staircase.

For the uninitiated, zigzag staircases are a form of floating staircase, where treads seem to effortlessly 'zigzag' up the wall without any visible supports. This blend of physics, precision engineering, and remarkable design sensibility is rapidly becoming a must-have feature in modern architecture. Whether it's in London's sparkling high rises, Manchester's revamped industrial spaces, Birmingham's chic residences, or Edinburgh's historic homes, zigzag staircases are redefining interiors with their understated elegance and avant-garde charm.

London, with its cutting-edge architectural landscape, is seeing a surge in zigzag staircases. From the sleek office spaces of Canary Wharf to the luxurious residential buildings in Kensington and Chelsea, these staircases have found their unique spot. The zigzag’s clean lines and contemporary feel seamlessly complement the city's ever-evolving architectural ethos.

In Manchester, known for transforming old industrial spaces into modern homes and offices, zigzag staircases are adding a dynamic touch. This design innovation lends a breath of fresh air to the city's repurposed factories and mills, weaving modernity into historical charm.

Birmingham, a city with a rich architectural tapestry, from Victorian to Brutalist styles, is also embracing the zigzag staircase trend. It's not unusual to walk into a refurbished 19th-century building in the Jewellery Quarter or a new-build apartment in Brindleyplace and see a stunning zigzag staircase connecting the levels.

Not to be left behind, Scotland's beautiful capital, Edinburgh, with its gothic and Georgian architecture, is integrating zigzag staircases into its designs. In a city where history and contemporary lifestyle blend seamlessly, these staircases offer an edgy, modern twist, adding to the vibrancy of the architectural landscape.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, zigzag staircases are also gaining popularity for their space-saving characteristics. As UK cities continue to grapple with space constraints, these staircases offer an efficient solution without compromising on style.

At Ovoms, we customise each zigzag staircase to fit your space perfectly. We ensure that every element, from the choice of materials to the finish, aligns with your vision and enhances your space.

So, if you're in any of these vibrant UK regions, or anywhere across the country for that matter, and you're looking to inject a touch of modern sophistication into your property, consider a zigzag staircase. It's not just a means to move between floors—it's a statement piece, a conversation starter, and a testament to design that marries function and form.

Stay tuned to our blog for more insights into the world of unique staircase design. For more information or to discuss your ideas, feel free to get in touch with us at sales@ovoms.com or 020 3667 3330.