Closed Tread Staircase 

Modern Floating Staircase

Bespoke Luxury Staircase

Floating Staircase​

Floating Staircase With LED Lights

Spiral Staircase

Central Spine Staircase​

Zigzag Staircase

Closed Treads Staircase

Central Spine Staircase​

Zigzag Closed Treads Staircase

Closed Treads Staircase

Floating Staircase With Wooden Caps

For this project, our client had a clear vision of the design they liked. They requested to hide all the fixings and have a simple look all the way through the floors, therefore, our designers have used timber caps to conceal the glass fixing holding the balustrade. We also added the matching timber cap handrail for extra support on the glass.

Sleek Central Spine Staircase

Considering the lack of walls in this project, our designers suggested a central spine with a frameless glass balustrade on both sides with stainless steel standoff fixing to provide a minimalistic look. The earthy colour palette allowed us to use a more natural stain colour on the treads to complement the colour scheme.

Curved Bespoke Staircase With Metal Balustrade

Curved staircases are one of the most challenging designs we have and that is why we love them. To bring what our client dreamt of to life is a pleasure. In this project, the combination of metal spindles and curved and continuous timber handrails has a beautiful effect on the result of the interior.

Straight Floating Staircase With LED Lights

For this project our clients had two main requirements. Since the first element to be seen once entering the house was the staircase, they requested that it would be designed as a feature. Secondly, the client asked to have the same feeling throughout the house. After considering few options, we concluded to work on a floating staircase with glass balustrade which gives a modern feeling. We also followed the same materials used on the doors to keep the same contemporary feeling throughout.

Black Helical Staircase With Metal Spindles

This three-story house was one of our favourite projects to work on. The black and white look with the black metal spindles and curved and continuous timber handrail has added more character to the interior. The design truly matched our client’s monochromic colour scheme, and the result is superb.