Choosing The Best Position For A New Staircase


If you’re building a staircase for your home, there are lots of elements of the design to consider, from the materials chosen to features you’d love, such as wooden treads. However, where to build a new staircase will also be an important discussion to have with your architect.

Here are some top tips when choosing the best position for a new staircase.

Replacing existing stairs vs building a new staircase

If you’re renovating your home and rebuilding its existing staircases, it’s often much easier to do a like-for-like replacement. This doesn’t mean you can’t assess the current space you have or make tweaks though, as a different design or positioning could help it work better.

However, for a new build project, such as a house, home extension or loft conversion stairs, you’ll have more freedom to create something that works for your new layout.

Building regulations for new stairs

When designing new stairs, you’ll have to work within the limitations of official Building Regulations, including Approved Document K, which details protection measures from falling, collision and impact.

The new staircase position will need to ensure adequate headroom, enough space for a safe tread size and that fire escape routes are kept clear.

Optimise natural sunlight

Your new staircase shouldn’t block out too much natural sunlight coming through your rooms, so discuss with your architect how to best achieve this within the layout. You’ll want the light to flow through your new spaces as much as possible to help them feel inviting and warm.

Discover unique staircase shapes

Experimenting with the position of stairs in your home could open up opportunities to design different shaped stairs, including helical, L-shaped or U-shaped designs.

This can make stairs even more practical when moving to other floors and create a stunning focal point. For example, helical or spiral stairs look incredible in a large open entrance hall, drawing the eye to the beautiful design.

Practical staircase designs

As well as choosing the look of new stairs, you’ll need to ensure they’re functional for you and all the family too.

It’s not usually advised to have stairs situated where you’d need to cross another room to get to them, which is why so many people like them to be near the front door, especially if there are fire safety aspects to think about in properties with multiple floors.

Architects will often position a staircase to achieve easy access to all the areas of the home it services, but ask them about other layouts too so that you can make an informed decision.

Hire a staircase designer now

If you want to design a staircase that’s perfect for your property, get a professional designer on board from day one of your project. At Ovoms, we offer staircase design and build services you’ll love, covering the South East of England in places such as Hertfordshire, Highgate and Ingatestone.