Carpet or no Carpet on Your Stairs?

While most people might think that choosing whether to have carpet on the stairs is an entirely aesthetic decision, it impacts the safety of your home, too. Other aspects of the material you might also want to consider include cleanliness, longevity, sound, and cost.

We’ve taken a look into each of these aspects when it comes to carpet as opposed to those for hard surfaces, such as timber or stone.

Choosing to have carpet on your stairs

If you’re thinking about having carpet on your stairs, you may be driven by things like warmth, insulation, aesthetics, and matching them with your existing hallway and landing. As far as safety is concerned, carpet may also increase traction and provide some cushioning in the event of a slip or fall.

Having carpet on the stairs: is it easy to clean?

Carpets are notorious for holding dust, dead skin cells, and allergens, which is why cleaning will be of paramount importance. If you choose to install new carpet on your stairs, it’s better to opt for low-pile carpet styles as these are easier to clean than their high-pile counterparts.

Stains are also an obvious concern when it comes to carpeted stairs, and getting them out of the material can sometimes prove tricky. Your carpet will probably need to be steam-cleaned every few months to keep it looking fresh and feeling hygienic, especially if you have children or pets.

Is carpet on the stairs expensive?

While carpet costs less than other materials such as hardwood, concrete or metal, you’ll need to factor in the installation costs, along with maintenance and even the eventual replacement of the carpet. Each of these factors make it comparable to having hardwood stairs instead.

Why choose not to lay carpet onto your stairs?

Without the addition of a stair carpet, you’ll likely be left with the bare body of hardwood timber, which is the case in most residential properties. However, you could opt to reconfigure the design of your stairs and have metal, concrete, or stone stairs instead. While these are likely to be more hygienic and easier to clean, they are less forgiving when it comes to any slips, trips or falls.

What other materials are available for a staircase?

If you’re looking to opt for something other than a carpeted staircase, you might want to consider timber or metal staircases, which are a great option across many different interior aesthetics and can create a more light, airy feel in your property.

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